Australia’s Best Gelato, Delivered. 

Gelati Autentici Alla Rapido!

There are too many ice cream companies in Australia claiming to make gelati, however almost none of them actually make authentic Italian gelato. The reality is, outside of Italy, proper Italian gelato is near impossible to find - much to the despair of gelato lovers. But thankfully, this problem was finally solved in 2019 in Australia when opened its first Australian store in Adelaide. 

Perhaps for the first time ever, Australians now have the opportunity to taste Gelati, coffee, affogato, semifreddo, cannoli and other Italian delicacies the way they are supposed to taste…not an Anglicised version. Yes, real gelato - not a pretend one. 

We deliver our delicious gelati and other products direct to your door, so there’s no need to go anywhere, just order online, on Uber Eats or Deliveroo…or you can come into one of our retail stores and sit down to a wicked gelato or coffee; by yourself, with friends for a chat or with co-workers for a meeting. However you prefer to get your gelati, we’ve got your covered. 

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There is something magic about owning your own business. It provides flexibility to do the things you need to do in life, while having something that belongs to you, where your work accumulates benefits for your family, not for an employer. 

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