Cannoli - The Best Italian Pastries in Adelaide

Of Sicilian origin, Cannoli are a treasured part of Italian culture. Cannoli are one of the most sought after pieces of Italian cuisine and are used both as a dessert or as a standalone snack. You can serve these at dinner parties, at office functions or at birthdays and baptisms. In Italy they are often consumed with coffee at home, as quick bite with lunch and used in offices with water during meetings.

Our cannoli are made fresh on premises, according to a traditional recipe. A delicate tube of pastry filled with exquisite gelato, perfect for catering to a party, as they are for some self indulgence. Cannoli come in two different flavours: salted caramel; or a duo of vanilla and chocolate. 1 serve for $4.50 3 serves for $12.00


Brioche di Gelato

Italian sweet bread bun (brioche) filled with beautiful fresh gelato. The combination of the texture of the brioche bun against the cool sweetness of the gelato, is overwhelming fabulous! This is a favourite in Italy - and one of the best experiences when visiting Europe. Luckily, you don’t need to get on a plane to taste one…it is available in Australia right here, right now, at Available in any flavour. $6.00

Dark Chocolate

Cioccolato Fondente
Lactose Free/Vegan

Salted Caramel

Caramello Salato

Wild Berry

Bacca Selvaggia
Lactose Free/Vegan


Lactose Free/Vegan