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The greatest coffee and gelato treat you will ever have in your life! 

Affogato. The Best Coffee Gelato Drink in the World.

Perhaps the most quintessential Italian delight…espresso coffee poured over vanilla gelato. OMG! Affogato literally means ‘suffocated’, referring to how the beautiful coffee ‘drowns’ the gelato. The affogato is a mainstay in Europe, where tens of millions drink it daily as a gorgeous, slightly sweet coffee beverage. You can try an an authentic affogato right here in Adelaide, right now at our Prospect store at Shop 2, 101-103 Prospect Rd, Prospect, South Australia. Only available in-store. $6.00


The Italian milk coffee. Made big. Made fresh. Made with love.

Semifreddo. A Delectable Fusion of Coffee, Milk and Gelato Flavours. Wow!

Made by the hand of the barista and the gelateria. A typical drink of the South of Italy. A Semifreddo is smooth, rich and delicate…and the taste lingers. Comprises one scoop of gelato (any flavour you like) plus warm milk (chocolate or plain) and Italian coffee (optional). $7.00


The Italian iced coffee. Super refreshing. Super cool.

Italian Iced Coffee. The Best Iced Coffee in Adelaide. 

A traditional Italian iced coffee made by the hand of our master barista and gelato maker, Gino. A scoop of fresh coffee flavoured gelato with ice-cold milk and a shot of freshly brewed espresso coffee. This is the the most refreshing, most delicious iced coffee you will ever taste - guaranteed. $7.00