The Best Fundraising Opportunity for Non-Profit Organisations

We Donate to Non-Profit Organisations in Adelaide

We are launching a corporate responsibility programme with the intention of making significant financial contributions to a limited number of charities in Adelaide. This is our effort to make a difference to our community through the work of non-profit organisations in the state. 

Our retail lines include Italian foods such as gelato cups (150ml, 500ml & 1L tubs), gelato cakes, gelati hors d’oeuvres, cannoli pastries, vegan & lactose free gelati, all the Italian coffees such as espresso and cappuccino, as well as specialty gelato-enhanced coffees including affogato and semifreddo. These are products that appeal to the mass market and are made to the highest standard using fresh South Australian ingredients at our Prospect Rd facility.

Our charity programme represents a fundraising opportunity open to non-profit organisations in different sectors including: health support associations representing illness groups, sporting clubs, primary schools & kindergartens, mental health and social support groups, women’s support, men’s health as well as other organisations contributing positively to the community. 

Your Non-Profit Can Receive a Donation for Little Effort and No Expense

We appreciate that for many non-profit organisations, time and people resources are also limited, not just finances. Consequently, to make it as easy as possible for organisations to benefit from the programme we’ve designed it such that it requires no direct labour, time or money investment on the part of our beneficiaries.

We believe this feature is key, as most fundraising events such as sausage sizzles at hardware stores, volunteer groups with collection tins seeking donations, the selling of wine and other merchandise stock, or the collection of donated goods for retailing in op shops - all require significant direct labour, upfront financial cost, or the incurrence of expenses in order to generate revenue.

Hence, what we’ve designed eliminates the need for any office staff, there is no need to seek or coordinate volunteers, or incur any type of costs. It is equally easy therefore, for the smallest to the largest non-profit groups to benefit from. 

A Simple and Effective Fundraiser for Adelaide Non-Profit Organisations

The fundraiser is very simple. We will allocate a week in the year whereby we will donate a portion of the sale to your organisation on every sale where the customer mentions the name of your organisation. It’s that simple.

Providing customers tell us they want to support your charity/club/school when they order, we will add that sale to a running tally for that entire week. At the conclusion of your allocated week, we will calculate the total and send you a donation via EFT direct to your nominated bank account.

To make your week as successful as possible, we will give you some tools you need to promote the fundraiser to your community and stakeholders. If you have an existing membership and if promoted the way we advise, your organisation can raise a significant amount of money with no direct effort or expense on your behalf.

Even a small club, charity or school with a community of only a few hundred people can quickly raise a thousand dollars or more if those members and their networks are encouraged to support you. 

Furthermore, if your organisation represents something of broad public interest; for example, a common disease, the environment, a popular sport, education, mental health, domestic violence or medical research; then by promoting your fundraiser week widely in the community, you will get public participation from people right across Adelaide that you don’t necessarily know, but whom support your work. 


How to Become a Beneficiary of Our Giving & Philanthropic Programme

The next step in receiving a donation from us.

We believe we’ve created a programme that makes it possible for our beneficiaries to have a great outcome - not only in financial reward, but also in respect to raising awareness of your cause and your brand.

Please note that while we would like to help every single group in Adelaide, we are of course unable to; so we must limit the number of beneficiaries we choose from the total that register their intent.

We will consider requests on a first-come, first-serve basis - subject to our approval. We will only approve bonafide organisations that are providing true, positive value to people. Please download the Application Form and Promotional Guide (link below).

If you would like to benefit, please contact Mr Gino Patini during business hours on (08) 7080 2372.

Download Promotional tools and Application Form for NonProfits by Gelati Delivery.pdf

Download Application Form and Promotional Guide.