The Best Product to Sell in Food or Hospitality Businesses

How to Sell Australia’s Best Gelati at Your Business

Gelati.Delivery is expanding its network of resellers across Australia and New Zealand. If you have a business that serves people or a retail outlet of any type (not necessarily food retail) that gets foot traffic, then selling gelato can be a fabulous add-on sale to your existing business. In fact, selling our gelati is extrememly easy because the products are prepackaged, which means you don’t need to have and special bain-marie or have to scoop any gelato manually - it is all done for you - simply put our retail tubs in your display freezer and let people serve themselves, or just keep some stock in your normal freezer and use the promotional signage we give you to sell the gelato. You can make sales with little or no effort and without incurring labour costs.  This is perfect for service stations, snack bars, convenience stores, tourism offices, cafes, delicatessens, large offices, factories, workplace lunch rooms, hospitals, waiting areas and schools. All you need to succesfully sell gelato are people and a freezer somewhere nearby to keep the gelati frozen…we’ll provide you everything else you need: all the promotional materials, product knowledge, sales training and support. 

Gelato is one of the best products you can sell. It is refreshing, low fat and a beautiful light snack that sells equally well alone (such as when offered in a non-food context where there is no other directly competing food product, such as a busy office or waiting area) or as an accompaniment to other product such as a meal or bottle of water. Gelato is universally loved and can dramatically increase the size of your average sale - especially if you already serve food. Consider if you averaged $7 per sale without gelato, if you offered gelato to customers (the same way McDonald’s offers fries) you could increase your revenue to $10 per sale with our gelato…without have to find one more customer to do so. That would equate to a substantial increase in annual turnover for your business. And remember, we will help you promote the gelato in-store.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a reseller, please contact us during business hours on (08) 7080 2372 and we can send you an information pack and reseller kit.